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Auto Repair in Bailey’s Crossroads, VA

Bailey’s Crossroads, VA is a census-designated place at the junction of State Route 7 and State Route 244, the intersection of Leesburg Pike and Columbia Pike. Bailey’s Crossroads lies on the outskirts of Falls Church and is bordered by Lake Barcroft on the west, Arlington to the north, and Alexandria to the southeast.

Bailey’s Crossroads has history in the circus with the original settlers being the ‘Bailey’ in Barnum and Bailey’s Circus, joining later on with the Ringling Brothers to form one large circus company. Bailey’s Crossroads also served as an unforgettable location in the Civil War, becoming a notable no-man’s land that was known as a “killing field”. No man could walk through the area without being shot.

Modern-day Bailey’s Crossroads is much more civil and welcoming and is home to roughly 24,000 residents. There are large, 26-storey apartment buildings that house a large portion of the community’s population. Bailey’s Crossroads is served by many big-box stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Best Buy as well as several unique dining spots like Meaza, an Ethiopian restaurant, and the regulars like Dunkin’ Donuts.

Skyline Automotive is pleased to be part of Bailey’s Crossroads, serving the auto repair needs of our local community for 15 years. We are family-owned, friendly, and honest, and have experienced staff that provide the best customer service in the area. We use cutting edge repair technology and are an excellent alternative to visiting the dealership. At Skyline Automotive, you get what you pay for: top-notch repairs and an excellent customer experience.



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