Ask the Experts – Why do I need to change my oil?

The most commonly performed routine maintenance on a car is the changing of the oil and the oil filter. We often find that there are many questions our customer’s have that may be left unanswered, due to the normalcy of a simple maintenance procedure, so that is what we will be covering in this week’s Ask the Experts!

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should get your vehicle’s oil changed regularly, based on your manufacturer’s guidelines.

1. Regular oil and filter changes lead to a longer vehicle life. This is pretty straightforward, when you keep up with the routine maintenance on your car, it can lead to you car having a much longer life. Dirty oil can negatively affect a vehicle’s power and fuel economy, not to mention it forces the engine to work harder than it has too. Over worked engines tend to not last as long and have more issues in the long haul.

2. Oil and filter changes remove dirt and particles. Over the course of an engines’ life, dirt and particles build up in the oil. When the oil breaks down, it turns to sludge. The goal of routine oil changes is to remove this sludge and keep the engine clean. This keeps the engine running smoothly.

3. Clean oil lubricates and keeps engine components cool. There are a lot of quickly moving parts in an engine. Oil keeps these parts lubricated and moving smoothly. If not properly lubricated these parts will rub against each other causing friction, which then leads to heat. Overheated parts are more likely to get damaged and lead to more costly repairs.

We hope this helps put your mind at ease, knowing that this regular oil change will overall lead to the longevity of your vehicle and keeps your costly repairs to a minimum! Contact us today at 703.845.8477 to setup an appointment with one of our friendly service writers to determine if your vehicle is in need of an oil change!