Every summer we look forward to vacations and holidays, the pools are opening, the days are long and the nights are short. Nothing could put a damper on summer…right? Unless you are stuck in a vehicle with no A/C of course! Every now and then a driver will experience their A/C blowing hot air, or not blowing any air at all, thus invoking a trip to an automotive service center. They will 9 times out of 10 be met with a response of “Well Mr. Customer, looks like you need an evac and re-charge.” and presented with a bill, on average, of $422! Consumers are often left with no explanation of how or what causes this, yet most are just happy to finally enjoy a cool breeze. So, let’s break this down!

Your vehicles A/C system is a “closed” system, meaning it is all contained within itself; therefore, there is no way for the Freon to just escape. Any time your vehicle needs an evac and recharge, it will be due to a leak somewhere in the A/C system. Unfortunately, these leaks are usually tiny and not easily seen by the untrained eye. It can also be an internal leak coming from places such as the condenser or the compressor.

Here at Ben Nielsen’s Skyline Automotive, our trained technicians will perform an evac, short for evacuation, to determine how much Freon your vehicle has lost. From there our technicians will decide how much Freon your car needs according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This is called the re- charging process. At Ben Nielsen’s Skyline Automotive, our technicians recharge your car’s A/C with Freon that includes a specialty black light dye. After completing the recharging process, we take your vehicle on a short road test and bring it back into the bay for a visual inspection. With advanced technology and equipment, we will be able visually inspect you’re a/c system to determine where your Freon has leaked from, and what items will be necessary for repairs.

Contact us today at 703.845.8477 to setup an appointment with one of our friendly service writers to determine your A/C systems health, so you aren’t stuck in the summer heat!